For several years now, the Inner Circle has been running successfully in Aarle-Rixtel (near Eindhoven) and at the beginning of this year we also started this professionalisation activity in the East and West of the Netherlands.

Normally, you sign up for a year and work with the same group for a year. In the starting year of West and East we have chosen to leave the possibility open to let the group grow. Therefore, it is now possible to sign up for the second half of this year for the remaining 2 activities.

Purpose of the Inner Circle

The Inner Circle is a platform where professional coaches learn and work together on their goal of improving their professionalism.

    • An important goal is your professional development as a coach: in the Inner Circle you run into colleauge’s from your level with whom you can spar and have intervision, with whom you can practice and network.
    • You will be working on realising an acknowledgement from the professional association (ICF – NOBCO/EMCC).
    • Coaches in the Inner Circle want to develop the coaching profession to a higher level and that is only possible from everyday practice. Your practice, for example.
    • Through the Inner Circle you will be in contact with the profession and (once you have obtained a recognised accreditation) you will have the opportunity to profile yourself via a personal page on the website of the Association and you will be involved in the professionalisation  activities of the Association for Coaching.

If you want to register, you can do so via this link. More information about the Inner Circle, the further programme and the dates can be found on the Inner Circle page.

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