ICF, Post-HBO and Nobco / EMCC accreditation

As the ONLY training institute we offer both the ICF and the Nobco / EMCC quality mark for our coaching courses! That is unique in the Netherlands and you will not find it anywhere else. Exactly what these two large professional associations, the ICF (International Coach Federation) and EMCC (European Mentoring & Coaching Council) stand for, we explain elsewhere on this website https://associatievoorcoaching.com/wat-is-coachen/wat-is -icf-en-emcc /

Both our courses and our trainers are also certified by CPION.


Practical and result oriented

Our training courses are very practical. Although we have a good theoretical foundation, our training courses are mainly focused on concrete action. With a lot of practice, sparring with other participants, reflection on own behavior and skills, practical hours, observation moments, mentor hours, literature study and peer review.

In the approach of the Associatie voor Coaching you recognize (Brabant?) sobriety. Where coaching is often also seen as floating, with slippers and the candles on, with us you will mainly experience results-oriented and conscious attention for each participant in ‘learning together’. It is not for nothing that we often say here: Coaching is not soft!


Our training forms are consistent with our ideas. Joining the coachee is one of the principles of coaching. The group is trained on the basis of coaching principles such as:

  • awareness
  • insight
  • take responsibility and share
  • equivalence
  • result orientation

Our trainers are real coaches.

Management experience

Many management training courses are provided by trainers who have never led before. Our senior trainers have led for many years, with work experience in various industries.


Very experienced

What few know but is really important. The Associatie is a pioneer in the field. Of all coach trainers in the Netherlands, we were the first to start training on coaching as a management style and also specialized in it. Since its foundation in 1992, we have guided and helped realize many projects in various organizations.

The source and founder

When a theme becomes popular, dilution occurs. That is not the case with us. In the same year, the founder of the Associatie voor Coaching, Willem Verhoeven, wrote his bestseller “The manager as a coach”. He is still closely involved as the source of our philosophy. The ideas have been further developed in recent years and elaborated in a dozen practical books. Willem Verhoeven’s books can be found via this link.