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Apart from the regular trainings ‘open registration’, the Associatie voor Coaching offers professionalization workshops within the context of your own organization. This is for example a good choice when you (further) want to bring out coaching and selfmanagement within your team, department or on the level of the organization.

Our In-Company programs offer lots of possibilities to create general support and make agreements with each other. Also the time spent on a such a program can mostly be reduced (and therefore be cheaper).

For more information on the possibilities as far as program, content etc. is concerned, we refer you to our in-company page elsewhere on this website:

Many organizations in a wide diversity of sectors have preceeded, large and middle-sized companies, profit and non-profit. Here are some names of companies that have chosen for a program in order to professionalize their employees/managers through open registration or In-Company:


Industry & Technology

Education & Day-Care

Government & Non-Profit