Vision on Coaching

We believe that the field of coaching forms the basis for result-oriented development. Whether it concerns strengthening individuals, teams or organizations, coaching ensures that there is movement – “a step forward”. As an Association for Coaching, we therefore want to be the place where managers and coaches find inspiration, knowledge and skills in the field of coaching.


Vision on Education

  • We believe that a coaching style of training brings out the best in participants. Here too, we continuously appeal to increasing awareness, creating a clear result presentation on subjects to be developed and taking the participant’s responsibility for their own learning process.
  • We believe that the coaching style of training makes it possible for a diversity of learning questions in a learning group to be developed simultaneously.
  • We believe in thorough and independently accredited and registered courses with which we continue to guarantee quality and to remain at the forefront of developments in the field.
  • We believe in learning from experience. We work with real, personal cases and issues where personal development is unavoidable.

Our mission

We ensure that:

  • The coaching guidance and leadership style in any organization is perceived as the most effective way to tap into and unlock someone’s entire potential of potential to achieve maximum performance.
  • Each manager or each person in a coaching position, uses a coaching style in order to get the best out of individuals and teams and thus to better meet the needs of generations X, Y and especially Z.
  • Every coach can follow a solid training and can continue to professionalise himself.
  • We facilitate that every coach is able to develop for a lifetime.
  • The field of coaching as a professional field is recognized by the politics that make it a protected field.