Cooperation partners

The Associatie voor Coaching collaborates with various institutes and is affiliated with several quality assurance organizations.

International Coach Federation

The International Coach Federation (ICF) is the largest global resource for business and personal trainers, and the resource for those seeking a coach. ICF is a non-profit organization that is formed and fed by qualified individual professionals who are active worldwide in the practice of business and personal coaching. The Associatie voor Coaching is a major advocate for the active participation of coaches on behalf of the Dutch division of the ICF. After all, it is about professionalizing the profession!

Nobco and EMCC

Nobco: Dutch Organization for Professional Coaches

EMCC: European Mentoring and Coaching Counsil

The originally Dutch professional organization Nobco merged into the EMCC in 2010. EMCC is an independent, impartial and non-profit organization that, as a professional organization, stands for the promotion of quality and the development of coaching and mentoring in Europe. She does this by testing individual coaches and training courses. Anita van Vlerken is one of the assessors of the EMCC from the Associatie voor Coaching.

ACTO – Association of Coach Training Organizations

ACTO is the steward of high quality coach education and training. They continue to explore, challenge and evolve quality coaching training. They support coaching as both a profession and as a skill, and advocate for the art and science of coaching and coach education and training. They do so by sharing best practices, promoting high education and training quality standards, defining the body of knowledge, stimulating innovation, evoking excellence; Influencing the direction of coach credentialing, licensure and training program accreditation to promote alignment with high standards of quality, and to enhance consumer confidence in coaching.

Open en Eerlijk Coaching (OEEC)

Open en Eerlijk Coaching (OEEC) provides customized coaching to achieve in-depth personal insight and structural change among employees. From a national network of certified coaches. Does an employee experience powerlessness and stress at work, in private or in relationships? Does this hinder the employee from functioning? Then support from a coach offers the opportunity to take concrete steps in this. This leads to an energetic, motivated and resilient employee. Failure is prevented or the absence duration is shortened.

With individual mental coaching, our coaches achieve structural change by going beyond the demand for help and focusing on underlying themes, core beliefs, frameworks and patterns. In addition, OECC also organizes group training courses, in which employees work together to take individual steps in increasing awareness, strengthening ownership and breaking through thought and behavior patterns. This is how we get energetic, motivated and resilient employees.

Center for Excellent Leaderschip

The Center for Excellent Leadership mainly focuses on coaching as a management style. Coaching and coaching leadership connect seamlessly. Trainers from the Association for Coaching work in various projects together with trainers from the Center for Excellent Leadership. It is wonderful when you speak each other’s language. This works efficiently, broadens our insights and improves the result for our clients.

School leaders register PO

The Associatie voor Coaching has been designated by the Dutch School Leaders Academy as one of the selected companies that can perform competence measurements for registered directors of primary education, offer coaching programs and provide 360 ° feedback. We are known at the NSA for the way in which the client can keep control of the process, our punctuality in agreements and our great involvement in and experience with education.

Fonty Hogescholen

Fontys Hogescholen in Eindhoven has found a knowledge center in the Association in the field of coaching and coaching leadership. In 2006, this cooperation led to the School Coach training. Together we train teachers to become internal coach at their school. The uniqueness of this training is that the internal coaching is directly linked to the integral personnel policy and thus has a clear place in the school organization. Furthermore, new collaboration opportunities in the field of school leader training and management-development programs are currently under development.

CPION (Center for Post Initial Education)

The CPION is the central organization for the assessment, certification and registration of post-initial courses and the umbrella organization for the regulation of courses that are in line with academic / higher education or secondary vocational education and for courses in the context of continuing education.

Professioneel begeleiden — Knowledge as the core of connection is an initiative of Kloosterhof – publisher of the magazines Magazine for Coaching, Career Vision, Counseling Magazine, Magazine for Development in Organizations – and was partly the result of many years of cooperation with various professional organizations in the field of coaching, counseling, career and HRD. is a platform where professional coaches can connect with adjacent professional groups by sharing each other’s knowledge while retaining their own identity.