The Association wants to actually promote the development of the profession by stimulating small-scale research ‘that matters’. We do this through the project Coaches profit from research!
This project will be carried out in 2015 and 2016. A maximum of 12 participants can take part. We will work in groups of 3 participants.

Science has discovered coaching as a serious research topic. This is evidenced, among other things, by the explosive growth in the number of scientific publications in this field. Nearly 1,500 scientific articles have now been published, half of them in the past five years.

Coaching is still a young field. There is still much to discover. Whether you are conducting your own research or evaluating external studies, there is still a lot to learn!

Coaches can benefit from research by being curious, by bringing practice and theory together in ‘those’ subjects that interest them. You do not only gain theoretical knowledge, but you also learn to apply it effectively. This project offers you basic knowledge of research and analysis methods and ensures that, as a professional, you are a serious discussion partner in the field of research.

After completing the course, you will be able to formulate a research question, draw up a research plan, collect data yourself, contribute to studies by scientists and critically assess studies by others. And above all, you will learn to make this research accessible to the reader.

Our trainers 
Dianne Commissaris – research
Willem Verhoeven – writing
Dirk Verhoeven – marketing
Anita van Vlerken – organisation
Supplemented by external experts, depending on the chosen research topics.

For this project, we are also emphatically seeking cooperation with other organisations, such as Fontys Hogeschool Kind en Educatie. At this moment, it is not entirely clear what the cooperation will look like in a practical sense. As soon as more is known, we will publish it on our website.

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