In conversation with one of our trainers: Drs. Ardie Nooijen-Kuijpers (MCC)

Our trainers are the face of the Association for Coaching. The course participants not only learn from them, but also share a lot with them, like you do with a (personal) coach. Although you are of course in charge of the results you achieve during a training programme, the trainer (i.e. the person) in question does of course help shape your experience of the programme and what you get out of it for yourself in terms of development, in addition to the theoretical and practical part. Our trainers are also coaches in their daily practice.

Sometimes people also want to get an impression or feeling with who the trainers are, when they orientate on a certain course. On our website (menu: About Us > Our Team) the people behind the Association introduce themselves personally with photo. One of them, Ardie Nooijen-Kuijpers, obtained her MCC (Master Coach) title some time ago and this opportunity was perfect to ask her some more questions. This resulted in a nice conversation with an extraordinary woman!

In this video, Ardie tells a bit more about the person behind the trainer, and what her dream is as a coach. Ardie is rather unique, as she was added as the 10th Master Coach in the short line of only 12 MCC’ers in the Netherlands at the time of this interview. You will also find out why she chose this particular profession, and what her motivation was for joining the Association for Coaching. We are proud to hear her say that the Association is the place, as one of the six accredited training courses, where you get the right pokon-food if you want to grow!

Oh, and you will also discover why, according to Ardie, coaching can be compared to throwing boiled spaghetti:)


Click on the video below and get to know Ardie and our wonderful training institute better. A place where you can feel at home.


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