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Dirk Verhoeven | PCC | SP | ESIA

Dirk Verhoeven (born 1972) has been a co-owner of the Association for Coaching since mid-2013. With over 15 years of experience in establishing and coaching international multicultural teams in an industrial setting, he shifted his focus towards Higher Education in 2009. Within Avans University of Applied Sciences, NCOI, and LOI, he developed various educational programs that introduced coaching as a method of learning and guiding both students and (young) entrepreneurs.

“My passion lies in developing and training educational programs where coaching as a guidance and management style forms the foundation. Whether it’s with children, students, entrepreneurs, or enterprising employees, I relish when people learn and evolve through their own discoveries. According to Michelangelo, sculpting is nothing but freeing the figure from the stone. In my view, coaching is the liberation of potential from within individuals!”

Since 2014, Dirk has been a certified coach at the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) level by the International Coach Federation (ICF). In 2015, he pursued the first ESQA-recognized Supervisor training. In 2016, the International Coach Federation (ICF) appointed him as an International Coach Assessor, and since then, he has actively contributed to the coaching profession through active participation in various organizations, including the ACTO (Accredited Coach Training Organization). In early 2020, he also earned his Senior Practitioner credential from NOBCO/EMCC Global. In 2023, he achieved his ESIA as a recognized supervisor for professional coaches at EMCC Global.