Certified Professional Coach Week - ACC/Practitioner in English

The Certified Professional Coach Week training is an intensive week training of 14 half-days followed by 2 return days. This coach training is accredited by both Post-HBO, ICF and NOBCO / EMCC. The Internationale Coach federation (ICF) is the largest worldwide professional association for coaching. The European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC) promotes the development of the coaching profession and is a quality mark for coaches within Europe. We are proud of the fact that we are the only supplier that can offer all these quality labels.

Professional Coaching is gaining ground among management, supervisors, trainers, personnel officers, consultants, etc. The Associatie voor Coaching invites you to participate in an intensive study and work week to train your skills that shape your own coaching style. We do this with the participants as ‘practice material’, practically searching and experimenting, reflecting on our actions in relation to described experiential knowledge from the literature. The professional coach is result-oriented and has a highly developed sense of communication. He or she is therefore not a therapist, supervisor or teacher. The professional coach listens, asks, supports where necessary, and also develops new perspectives together with the coachee. The coach helps in the process of discovering and shaping, of becoming aware and taking responsibility.


Startdatum: maandag 29 november 2021
  • Day 1 – A coaching approach – The coaching skills op 29-11-2021 van 09:00 tot 21:00
  • Day 2 – The coaching skills – The question pattern of the coach op 30-11-2021 van 09:00 tot 21:00
  • Day 3 – Working with questions op 01-12-2021 van 09:00 tot 21:00
  • Day 4 – The coaching agreement op 02-12-2021 van 09:00 tot 21:00
  • Day 5 – Results-oriented coaching – Active listening op 03-12-2021 van 09:00 tot 17:00
  • Day 6 – The big feedback round op 02-02-2022 van 09:00 tot 17:00
  • Day 7 – Professional Development op 30-03-2022 van 13:30 tot 18:00

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Certified Professional Coach Week - Practitioner (ACC)

An intensive week program.


A solid foundation in which you master the skills for result-oriented coaching.
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Certified Professional Coach Part 1 - Practitioner (ACC)

9 days coach program.


A solid foundation in which you master the skills for result-oriented coaching.
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